Why Sticks and Stones?

"We want to be thought-provoking."

The foundation of sticks and stones is about reflections. My Sticks and Stones line reflects my desire to be thought-provoking through my art. Using my voice to reflect positive images.  

 Sticks and Stones logo

"The logo is rocks, sticks, a twig with a green leaf to reflect that there is life and therefore hope. You can still get back up. Say to yourself I can grow from this like a lotus flower pushes through the mud." A lotus is something beautiful that is formed in the darkness of the soil. My images are surrounded by a light background. We can say the leaf in the twig reflects the concept of "flower power."  Having a sense of hope, in the face of adversity, opposition. Like Tupac's rose that grew from concrete.   

 Afro Puff Gurl

Afro Puff Gurl's hair reflects all little girls no matter the race, whether she's Native American, Italian, Oriental, Polynesian, African,  Hispanic, Mulatto, African American. The hair is styled with a part down the middle. We called it "hanging off the ends." Whether its braids, ponytails, pigtails, or Afro Puffs.  In this respect, Afro Puff Gurl represents little girls of all nationalities. The silhouette does not have facial features so when a little girl see the image she can see her reflection.


This image is not to keep boys frozen in time, it gives boys the idea that they are rookies and they are in training,and they will grow to be king of their destiny.  There is a time to play and a time to learn and I want to provoke the thought that learning doesn't stop. Playing sports is fun and reading is fundamental.

No Hair No Care

No Hair No Care is a tribute to women that shaved their hair by choice and by force.  The woman that no longer want to be held hostage to chemical hair treatment, long salon visits and the day to day maintenance, this is by choice.  Then there is the women that shave her hair as a result of Chemo, Alopecia, or hair-loss while experiencing menopause this is by force. The pearls around No Hair No Care neck are placed to assist her to hold her head up high and stand tall.