Why Sticks and Stones?

We want to be thought-provoking

The Sticks and Stones line's desire is to be thought-provoking by using thought-provoking images and words of encouragement. We will use our visual voice to turn negative thoughts and/or concepts to positive thoughts at the same time building the self-esteem of both the wearer and the viewer.  Our society went from simple teasing to full-blown bullying, therefore the saying that is still true through the ages, "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me."

Sticks and Stones logo

"The logo is rocks and twig with green leaves.  You may see the rocks are placed to crush the twig and we want you to see the twig is emerging from the rocks reflecting that there is life and therefore hope. You can always rise from whatever challenges are thrown at you...you can get back up. Say to yourself, 'I can grow from this like a lotus flower pushes through the mud.'  The lotus flower is beautiful yet it is formed in the darkness of the soil, actually mud. In our darkest moments, we can have a sense of hope in the face of adversity, or opposition, like Tupac's rose that grew between concrete.   

 Afro Puff Gurl

Afro Puff Gurl puts a positive light on a negative, children are born to embody love until their light is tainted with hate.  When you see Afro Puff Gurl, we want to provoke the thought that she reflects an international silhouette of all little girls with their hair hanging off the ends.  Afro Puff Gurl's hair reflects nationalities, Native American, European, Asian, African,  Hispanic, Mulatto, and African American. The hair is styled with a part down the middle, should it be two braids, two ponytails, two pigtails, or two afro puffs.  In this respect, Afro Puff Gurl represents little girls of all nationalities.


Most little boys start out as a rookie on a sports team.  This image is to show that while playing sports is encouraged reading and education should be primary.  It gives boys the idea that they are rookies and they are in training, and one day they will become a King of their destiny.  There is a time to play and a time to learn, we want to provoke the thought that learning doesn't stop.

No Hair No Care

No Hair No Care is a tribute to women that shaved their hair by choice and by force.  The woman that no longer want to be held hostage to chemical hair treatment, long salon visits and the day to day maintenance, this is by choice.  Then is are the woman that shaves her hair as a result of Chemo, Alopecia, or hair-loss while experiencing menopause this is by force. The pearls around No Hair No Care neck are placed to assist her to hold her head up high and stand tall.